Forecast the return for every ad dollar before you commit.

Monitor user behavior and spend across every touchpoint with the first predictive customer growth dashboard from Upsight and Tenjin.





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Our predictive lifetime value dashboard helps you focus your budget to deliver the highest return

With Upsight Predictive Lifetime Value Calculator and Tenjin’s ad attribution data, you can identify the user acquisition campaigns and ad networks that will bring your best customers.

  • Predictive Lifetime Value Calculator lets you identify low-performing ad campaigns early so you can redirect your marketing spend to ad networks that bring your best users.
  • Retarget customers you want to bring back.
  • Lookalike segments can be built on-the-fly and uploaded directly to your ad network, letting you engage new audiences that are most similar to your top customers.
  • Automated, consolidated ad performance dashboard gives you the most detailed breakdown of your ad campaigns. Go beyond clicks and conversions, and measure ad networks by how much users spend, engage, share, and any other LTV metric vital to your business.