Ad Optimization Case Study: Hutch Games

Learn how Hutch's partnership with Upsight led to a 46% ad ARPDAU boost in MMX Racing

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More Revenue, More Resources

Tasked with increasing ad revenue in a then year-old title, the Upsight ad optimization team leveraged our proprietary ad tech and publisher advocacy efforts to increase ad ARPDAU in MMX Racing 46%. Download the case study to learn how.

"With Upsight Ad Mediation, I get higher ad revenue without the hassle of trying to manage individual ad networks so my team can focus on what they do best — making great games!"

- Shaun Rutland, Founder - Hutch Games

Eliminate Ad Monetization Overhead

  • Download 1 SDK, perform 1 integration and receive 1 monthly check
  • Manage a single blacklist with the help of a dedicated success manager
  • Support for server-to-server networks means publishers can onboard new networks without resubmiting to the app stores