The Art & Science of Ad Optimization

Everything you need to know about getting the highest possible revenue out of your mobile ad impressions

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Learn how unbiased mediation cuts through the vanity metrics to earn you more revenue

The mobile ad mediation world can be shady. It's full of solutions that claim to be free while quietly prioritizing their own impressions in your waterall. It puts the publisher at odds with the provider, produces erratic revenue numbers and promotes deceptive business relationships.

We're changing that. Upsight isn't an ad network, so we don't need to prioritize our own fill. We're a team of mobile advertising veterans offering flexible partnerships to our enterprise partners. In this whitepaper, you'll learn:

  • 3 unique ways our ad team optimizes global traffic in your app
  • How a single SDK solution leads to substantial overhead savings
  • How the Upsight ad mediation team helped Hutch Games achieve a 46% increase in Ad ARPDAU