Tour the New DataMine - Now 2x Faster!

Enterprise-class, cloud business intelligence tool for the exploration & visualization of your mobile, online & real-world data.

DataMine powers better business decisions.

Delivering insights beyond standard analytics dashboards, business analysts and product teams rely on DataMine for deeper data exploration. Query all raw data from Upsight's big data cloud to generate behavioral insights and refine user segments that improve product and marketing efforts.

Now returning query results 2x - 5x faster, the Upgraded DataMine shortens the time from data exploration to insights that improve business performance.



Built for the Data-Driven Enterprise

  • Managed Cloud Infrastructure - Fully managed and supported 24/7, our big data cloud delivers enterprise-level computer power so you can reliably analyze your data faster.
  • Robust Access ControlsDesigned for the complex, multi-studio world of app development our role-based access controls give you granular access restrictions perfect for the large enterprise.
  • Easy Data Import & ExportCombine mobile, online & real world data for more complete behavioral analysis. Export raw data or query results via API or CSV for pairing with existing business intelligence solutions.
  • Impactful Marketing Campaigns - Act on data-driven insights by launching in-app and push marketing campaigns with Upsight and leverage existing providers for traditional email campaigns.
  • Accessible Pricing Options - Enterprises can choose what level of performance they want, with accessible shared resource and dedicated hardware options available in completely customizable plans, tailored to your querying needs.


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